Trish Pias

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:26:30 +0000

"Hello Missy" will bring their vintage re-purposed silverware wind chimes to the the Vintage Market! So sweet, so simple!


    Rustic teapot wind chime

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    Image detail for -Wooden signs, wind chimes & Rustic bird houses

    Tea Cup Bird Feeder with Hand Stamped Bent Spoon- GARDEN PARTY

    Beaded wind chimes.

    The photo is a little dark, but this is a wind chime made from silver plate serving dishes & cutlery. Keywords: windchimes, silver, silverplate, spoons, forks, silverware, silver dishes

    Wind Chime..

    Amazing Vintage Tea Pot Cascading Wind Chime Sun by myrustygold, $70.00

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    Silverware Windchimes