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The crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle"

    "Memphis Belle" Memphis Belle and crew, June 1943.

    Kamikaze Mitsubishi Ki-51 pilots. Army designation "Type 99 Assault Plane". Allied nickname "Sonia") was a light bomber/dive bomber in service with the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. However, it performed a useful ground-attack role in the China-Burma-India theater, notably from airfields too rough for many other aircraft. As the war drew to a close, they began to be used in kamikaze attacks. Total production was around 2,385 units.

    福美楽 fukumiraku

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    B-17 Flying Fortress making its way to England.

    "Landing on the coast of France under heavy Nazi machine gun fire are these American soldiers, shown just as they left the ramp of a Coast Guard landing boat." Photograph by Robert F. Sargent, June 6, 1944.

    Keep your Red Cross at his side. Give! Vintage Red Cross WWII poster, circa 1944.

    Memphis Belle Crew

    Memphis Belle Nose Art

    B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, 'Memphis Belle'