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How to get your baby on a schedule - tips on how I did it with my 3-month-old!

    What kid doesn’t love a swing? It not only provides a gentle rocking motion to soothe and comfort baby , but also give moms hands-free time . heart 表情符 DIY Hammock Type Baby Swing--> #DIY #babyswing

    20 Things for a son to know. I look forward to you JP!!

    New parent? Track and share every milestone with Ovia Parenting!

    8 Tips for Baby's Brain Development #health

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    How to have good naps

    Keeping children too cool can disrupt sleep, and obviously too warm can do the same. So how should I be dressing baby for sleep?

    So the thing about newborns-besides being somewhat unpredictable in temperament- is that every last one of them needs to eat every few hours. Because apparently you’re not exhausted enough from

    What are the award-winning and best developmental toys for 3-6 month olds? Find out:

    Putting a baby to sleep is like winning a battle. We have often heard mommies talk about how their nocturnal babies are at their hyper

    Infographic: Baby Bathing Safety Guide