Bill Portnova

Mon, 13 Feb 2017 08:22:35 +0000

Dale la vuelta al mundo y pon tu vida de cabeza, algunas cosas funcionan mejor cuando están al revés.

    Reflejo en vertical.

    Love this, a different perspective of something so commonly photographed

    El cielo se encuentra en todos lados.


    This photo uses an interesting mix of transparency to play with values and contrast. The repetition of the glasses creates depth.

    street. its all about perspective

    Take a new perspective.

    The Links..!

    A Lisbonne - le tramway vintage iconique a le couleur jaune

    Fire Shifters - Beautiful // I have seen a person who can do this, and let me just tell you flatout that it's amazing. Gorgeous to watch. Entrancing.

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    Raindrop... by dedezazo