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Sat, 12 Aug 2017 17:47:20 +0000

The Most Credible Dead Alien Photos


    (Video) 10 Secrets About 9/11 The Government Does NOT Want You To Know – Redneck Newswire

    Annunaki Nephilim Ancient Astronauts, This is really worth watching :)

    sealand skull

    London™ Copper Clawfoot Tub by CopperSmith


    Gran Bretaña - 2006

    Il giardino dell’Eden e il giardino di Alcinoo. Tra Bibbia e Omero

    Alien Underground, and 'Under Sea,' Cities You're 'NOT' Supposed To Know...

    "The following alien photos were distributed around the internet after release in 1995 from China. The Chinese translation stated: "Based upon a source from the Japanese UFO Institute, the picture or photograph shows the 1970 alien incident." The photos of the alien were believed to be taken or the alien body found in Gongzui on Dadu River (southwest of Leshan, China)." OR it's the prop found in the 'International UFO Museum Research Center in Roswell', New Mexico.

    J-Rod: Grey Alien Or Human From The Future? Two Tales Of One Strange Being Many sources mention the presence of a being, called J-Rod, at Area 51. There are two main theories with regard to who J-Rod is. Most sources claim J-Rod is an extra-terrestrial, a Grey to be more precise, and most likely from Zeta Reticulum (though it isn’t clear whether he’d be a tall grey or not). He would have been part of an exchange program