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Continental Airlines honors its first black pilot by naming new 737 after him. 1st black pilot with Continental Airlines who had to go through the Supreme Court to get the job. Marlon Dewitt Green (June 6, 1929 – July 6, 2009) was an African-American pilot whose landmark United States Supreme Court decision in 1963 helped dismantle racial discrimination in the American passenger airline industry..

    The FIRST Black Senator; a RARE photograph and great portrait by Mathew Brady - a cabinet card photograph of Hiram Rhoades Revels (1822-1901). Of mixed African and Indian descent, he was a Methodist minister and later the first Black Senator (Mississippi) during Reconstruction, later the President of Alcorn University.

    In December 1957, Mohawk Airlines hired the first African-American stewardess in the United States, Ruth Carol Taylor. Within months, TWA announced that it would hire a black stewardess, making it the first large airline to break the color barrier in passenger service.

    Black soldiers fighting a war in Vietnam for others to obtain freedom. Ironic because it was concurrent with the Civil Rights movement in which others fighting to obtain basic human and civil rights for African Americans in the U.S. "Land o f the Free"

    Infographic: Presidents Day 2013 - Which Presidents Are On U.S. Money?

    Painters on wires of the Brooklyn Bridge, 1914.

    Young Black men in the early 1900's

    Brain Quest History: 850 Questions, 850 Answers Challenging Your Knowledge of African-American Heritage, Ages 9...

    Black Abolitionists: Thomas Mundy Peterson The First African American To Vote Under The 15th Amendment -

    Sarah Rector--By the age of 10, she became the richest Black child in America. She received a land grant from the Creek Nation as part of reparations. Soon after, oil was discovered on her property. By 1912, the revenue from this oil was $371,000 per year (roughly $6.5 million today). Despite various attempts to steal her land and fortune, Sarah resisted. She went on to attend Tuskegee University and eventually settled in Kansas City, Missouri where her mansion still stands.

    African American Inventors and Inventions | African-American Inventor March 16 Thomas L. Jennings - Mr. Jennings ...

    Willa Brown Chappell , born in 1906 . In 1938 , she became the first woman Black pilot licensed in the united states and in 1943 , the first African American Woman to possess a commercial pilot and mechanic's licence

    1960s- this woman is beautiful!and she has fun clothes..