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Continental Airlines honors its first black pilot by naming new 737 after him. 1st black pilot with Continental Airlines who had to go through the Supreme Court to get the job. Marlon Dewitt Green (June 6, 1929 – July 6, 2009) was an African-American pilot whose landmark United States Supreme Court decision in 1963 helped dismantle racial discrimination in the American passenger airline industry..


    In December 1957, Mohawk Airlines hired the first African-American stewardess in the United States, Ruth Carol Taylor. Within months, TWA announced that it would hire a black stewardess, making it the first large airline to break the color barrier in passenger service.

    Carl Maxie Brashear was the first African American to become a U.S. Navy Master Diver, rising to the position in 1970. Service/branch United States Navy Years of service 1948-1979

    These are the mugshots of William West and William West, and they are not related. They were both sent to Leavenworth Prison at the same time, in 1903, and after some confusion, the staff understood they had two different prisoners with the exact same name, who looked exactly alike. They are part of the reason fingerprints are now used as identification.

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    Black nurses saving a KKK member

    Charlotte Ray February 27, 1872 Charlotte Ray graduates from Howard Law School. She is the first African American lawyer in the U.S.

    Marpessa Dawn 1930s

    Dr. Alexa Irene Canady became the first African American female to become a neurosurgeon in the United States.

    A Previous Pinner: This made me a sick at first but then I thought, look at what she did with her life!

    Mary Smith, first African-American cheer leader for the Dallas Cowboys...circa 1970

    Situated mostly in the Northwest United States and in Canada after migrating from the Great Lakes region, the Blackfoot Indians have a rich history and culture.Blackfoot Indians were legendary buffalo hunters, and lived a mostly nomadic life following the buffalo herds.

    It's funny. I'm Polish and if I saw that sign anywhere, I would be really happy. Proof that not many people know polish real culture