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Fri, 21 Apr 2017 09:24:08 +0000

Who's in Charge? 5 way you may be compromising your own authority as a parent. Infographic linked to full post. | Mom but not a Mom


    Absolutely agree! Money CAN buy happiness and it's in the form of memories. Google it. It's been proven ;)

    Awesome idea....for someday

    Working on all of these....Some come easier than others!!! #collegeready #responsiblekids #productiveadults

    Parenting Skills: Take your first step towards being the ‘best parent’ and understand the suggested ways which can help improve your #parenting skills.

    parenting done right

    Gut zu wissen, warum Kinder sind wie sie sind.

    How was school today?

    Gentle Parenting

    If you are exhausted from perpetual power struggles with your child, are tired of hearing "no" multiple times every single day and in general, are awed by the stubbornness of your feisty kid, chances are you are dealing with a "Strong-Willed" or "Spirited" child. Here are the tell-tale signs of one. #parenting #strongwilledchild

    Parenting styles chart - Are you aware that different parenting styles have different impact & influences a child's development. Read further to know which one is your parenting style