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Sweet Delight! He looks like the original cabbage patch kid! Am I right?

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    .Never seen a camel grin like that.:).Did.G..

    Muito fofo :)

    Hahaha this is totally going to be my kid lol

    Such Rich Colors ~ Such Wonderful Eyes! "An Old Balinese Woman with her Joyous Face" by Rarindra Prakarsa. via photo.net


    statt sternenhimmel auf die langläufer

    AfricAn Noble eyes

    tashmccarroll: Smiles are free & can light up your life! A sweet little friend of mine, Rwanda

    Good morning beautiful day in the smile of a child at the beginning of next, go where your heart takes you to postpone today. Life is too short ... the place of your dreams today. Course, those who laugh your heart