Arianna Shahparvari

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:12:05 +0000

Exactly. I guess this is why my circle is so small. But like it<<<this is all so true, i love taking conversations to the next level.


    All of this... except for "let go of what doesn't make you happy"... i think that's ridiculous. but the rest of this quote is perfect. AVOID SMALL TALK... yes.

    My heart is not captured easily. I am disinterested in small talk, disillusioned with love, and too focused on my dreams and aspirations to lend anybody my attention for long. - Beau Taplin | The Connection

    Yesss I'm still waiting for this kinda convo Follow me on Pinterest: @bre951

    Mail - Heather Frank - Outlook

    Small talk is okay sometimes but honestly I'm almost always dying for a real conversation

    <3 Words cant express the meaning of the smiles that you put upon my face! Day after day you light my world with your brightness!


    This is Me 2 A 'T'

    INFJ - Myers Briggs Personality tests. I think this is a pretty accurate explanation of how my mind works. Just because I like it.

    Problems only introverts will understand