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Study Smarter Not Harder: Learning Styles And Why We Should Know Them?

    Field Notes: Cornell Method

    There are lots of different ways to succeed in college, but I'm pretty sure most students like having a good GPA. This semester I got A's in all my classes and I would like to share some of the main reasons for my success. Of course there isn't one way to get a good grade in a class, but perhaps these methods will work for you as well!

    The complete study guide - What kind of Learner are you? #study

    We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the first day of school is coming up sooner than you’d like. We know, we know — where the heck did summer go?! But while you wish you could do everything in your power to postpone the time that you have to resume waking up early, doing homework, etc., the fact is you can’t, and that’s why you should take steps to make the inevitable moment better than ever before! Check out the following hacks, tips and tricks that’ll help you prepare for your 1st day

    Get Smarter Infographic How to study better

    16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead Más

    Study Hacks

    How to write a long paper!!

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