Jasmine Post

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:15:42 +0000

It is as important to really understand the polarity (opposite) sign of your sun sign as much as you know about your sun sign. As we are always moving into integration of the full zodiac chart.


    "I'll kill you and everyone you've ever loved".....well I would be lying if I said that I have never thought that about someone before..

    Did this in a rush cuz I got bored around Virgo. Dammit numbers! ((click for larger image)) ((I think you already know that))

    I love storms... I hate spiders though

    I love me some french fries

    Yep. Glad I have great ones! They're always here when I need them.

    I never freak out ;) you'll listen to very good music, whether you like it or not ;)

    Love you Evy thanks for buying me all those $2 fried rices on Tuesday I don't mean to have you spend so much darling

    #Pisces: I would say for me I listen to sad songs and eat chocolate all day..and cry :(

    24/7 wireless protection. No long-term contracts.

    That's cute mine would be love

    ef138e439326fcb06774f7f6e35e3421.jpg (736×1309)

    Flawless. #virgo