Megan Jessica Hufford

Tue, 11 Jul 2017 19:41:30 +0000

Zachary Levi, Monte Carlo 2010


    Zachary Levi: I just got into Chuck and I love Tangled and I've watched every episode of the Nerd Machine at Comi-Con, so now I have a nerd crush on him ;)

    Zachary Levi made me fall in love with nerds.

    Zachary Levi... Love this picture.

    This is why I love Zachary Levi

    Paul Walker - forever one of the most beautiful men

    Captain Awesome- Can you be awesome? That is your mission. :D

    Galardonado como el hombre del año por la revista GQ Australia, el actor Chris Hemsworth protagoniza la portada de la edición de diciembre, capturado por el lente de Doug Inglish.

    *Leo Nano (Oldest)<

    Nerd ♥ ~ Zachary Levi #EricBlackmonPhotography

    Chuck versus The Truth. Love this episode. Especially when Ellie says, "Chuck you need a haircut. Your hair is making funny animal shapes again."