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Great cooking set up - no more bending over the fire. I built this for my wife (seen here using it) in 2013 out of a need for a cooking area. It has since become very popular with the ladies in my household as well as other women. Plans are available from me (Eric Olsen, Clan Chief for Clan Black Stag ) for "Free"upon request...

    Would want a decent mattress tho More

    Fire Pit Tripod Grilling Set W/ 19" Cooking Grate Steel Black Campfire Grill New

    viking house | FZD

    Trend tento týždeň v kategórii Remeslá -

    (VERY interesting stove there!) Medieval re-enactment Summer 2011 France (pic heavy)

    A clever bath mirror with side pull out shelves that let users access items without interrupting their looking glass view.

    Another "internal" view - I suppose great idea if you don't life in Oregon or other rainy places.

    How to Cook a Whole Pig in Your Backyard | Field & Stream

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    Great backpacking cook rack.

    Even cooler than when I stayed there - Each tent comes equipped with a wood stove and OVEN! At MaryJane's Farm.

    Cinder block fireplace.

    Wrought Iron Hanging Grills. A great option if you're cooking food over the open fire often.

    There are tons of helpful hints regarding your wood working projects at

    Campfire cook set with moveable pot bars over a trench fire -- pound the bars into the ground -- Chuck Wagon Cooking at cowboycooking dot com

    The outdoors are calling! Great tips for setting up an outdoor living area, glamping, or camping area.

    Cook your camp dinner over the fire with adjustable levels.

    medieval camp kitchens - Google Search

    A rocket stove burns so efficiently that it ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface, so there is virtually no smoke. And they're easy to make! Click through to find out how as part of your emergency preparedness plan in case of a power outage.

    Medieval carts used to be used for all sorts of barging and barrowing. This is a somewhat small cart, but could easily be upsized as needed. - "A very excellent duplication of a Medieval wooden cart built by Charles of Westermark" and presented at Crusader Archaeology Symposium

    I need this-okay want this Looking for a nice camping grill that's easy to bring on your outdoor adventures? Then you have to try this stainless steel rotisserie spit and grill. Its rotisserie spit that turns and locks in four positions, to give you that delicious slow-roasted flavour in your food. It has a height-adjustable 24" x 16" grilling surface and a similarly height-adjustable stainless steel rotisserie spit. It also includes two steel side arms to keep potted food warm.

    A below-ground fire pit is ideal for slow cooking in cast-iron Dutch ovens.

    stand alone camp cooker - I can see several ways to do this one... Hmm