Carol Gates

Sun, 13 Aug 2017 13:52:03 +0000

This wind chime is made from a clear wine bottle that I have cut myself. The edges have been sanded by hand. It hangs from silver chain and rings and has turquoise, white and silver beads. It also has a wooden knocker and a silver and turquoise tree of life pendulum. Wind chime measures approximately 24 long including chain and ring for hanging.


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    I had three of these hanging in her window before we moved. She would watch the rainbows on the walls and giggle. They also helped keep her attention during diaper changes.

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    Wine Bottle Whimsical Wind Chime - Coco with Dark Green Bottle, Rich Brown Stained Glass and Glittery Gold and Silver Beads. Unique Chime

    An beautiful polished brass spiral hangs from a chain adorned with beads symbolizing the colors of the chakras. From the spiral hang three polished brass bells whose chains have also been adorned with chakra colored beads. This beautiful piece will add color and movement to any space. Height: 12 in. Width: 2.75 in Materials: Glass beads & brass

    Wine Bottle Wind Chime recycled by CDChilds on Etsy

    Crafted of wrought iron, this wind chime links together three icon images of a sun, a moon, and a star. Each features two copper bells that ring with a light, jingling music.

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