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C/4-12 66-67

    austrailian sas vietnam - Google Search

    U.S. Army grunt in Vietnam circa 1967

    Purple Heart happiness - 173rd Airborne

    Larry Larson.

    Vietnam War Dead Soldier Photography | near three dead soldiers wrapped in ponchos in War Zone D, Vietnam ...

    M-113 ACAV crew, 11th Cav., 1971 - Vietnam War. #VietnamWarMemories

    Jim Bolen: MACV-SOG CCC & CCS 1967-69

    American soldiers crossing a river in Vietnam.

    M60 gunner posing in front of a burning village ~ Vietnam War | U1583328-8 | 04 Feb 1968, Hue, South Vietnam --- American Marine Holding M16 Rifle During Vietnam War --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

    US Army and the Vietnamese village people

    A Radioman comforts his friend who had just survived a battle during Operation Byrd in which nearly his entire platoon was wiped out. Photo taken: August 1966

    Soul Patrol. Vietnam.

    Out in the field - Vietnam War

    Vietnam 1968: a 9th Division machine gunner smokes a cigarette. Description from I searched for this on

    Battle of Đắk Tô, 1967.

    Page 9 "I knew we wouldn't be fighting the Japanese anymore because they were now our friends, but it was good to use move enemies for target practice because Dad said I had to get ready to fight off the Russian Commies who had already sneaked into the country and were planning to launch a surprise attack." This picture is a soldier from the Cold War, which Jack is talking about in this quote.

    The Vietnam War Era. #VietnamMemories

    November 1966 - Vietnam War

    Men of the 101st Airborne during a sweep of an area around the Fire Support Base that protected the Montagnard village of Mai Loc, October 1969. ~ Vietnam War

    Vietnam Helmet Art | Helmet Used in Vietnam with Original Graffiti on Helmet Cover. "Rat Fink"! ~ Vietnam War

    Fred Grandinetti uploaded this image to 'Nikon D300'. See the album on Photobucket.

    Cav- Vietnam War Coca-cola and the military: American soft and hard power being exported