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"Devastated …" Rest in Peace to Carrie Fisher. Leia Organa will remain an iconic heroine for generations.

    Oh no, not pink. Make it blue #Disney #Cosplay

    support your local space ladies #starwars

    30 Artists Pay Tribute To Late Carrie Fisher

    Uhh, that's the Millennium Falcon, Rey. The Millennium. Freaking. Falcon.

    If Anakin hadn't turned to the dark side and Padme hadn't died. Luke stays with Padme after the fall of the republic were she spies for the rebellion and Leia goes with Anakin out on missions for the rebellion. I love it.

    The real ones with the power!

    Funniest Memes -

    Rogue One, Star Wars, Cassian Andor

    I feel like Han needs a shirt that says if lost return to Leia as well