John Davis

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 13:14:35 +0000

70 Challenger R/T in Plum Purple

    Ford Mustang Oldtimer Tagestour

    Plymouth Barracuda Resto-Mod - 1972. Find parts for this classic beauty at

    (1965) Pontiac GTO I loved my 66 GTO would love another one to enjoy. Mine pullled around 500 horses from a 69 Trans Am 400 engine built. Ran quiet mufflers small stock hub caps. Loved to play with those with loud exhaust and mags. It was a blast watching them trying to muscle up as they were getting smaller in my rear view!

    Camaro- 1968..Beep beep..Re-pin brought to you by agents of #Carinsurance at #Houseofinsurance in #Eugene/Springfield OR.

    1967 Pontiac GTO

    Niiiiiice =D

    Beer & Toys! : Photo

    We don't need no water let this motha burn!!! - Dodge Challenger

    '69 Chevelle

    Plymouth Barracuda 1970

    1970 Chevy Chevelle Ss 454 Side View ..Re-pin...Brought to you by #CarInsurance at #HouseofInsurance in #Eugene, Oregon

    1971 Dodge Challenger