Yellow Jacket Drilling

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Recumbent chevron folds in Early Pennsylvania graywacke and shale of the Bude Formation at Millook Havem on the north coast of Cornwall, southwestern Britain, record the development and deformation of the Varsican foreland basin -- testifying to the closure of the Rheic Ocean during the mid- to Late Pennsylvanian Variscan orogeny. From: GSA Today, Vol. 18, No. 12 (Dec.2009)

    Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China's Rainbow Rocks

    intrusive - pertaining to igneous rocks or features formed by the emplacement of magma in pre-existing rock.

    Great Unconformity. The Flathead Sandstone (Cambrian) overlies Precambrian crystalline rocks in this exposure of the Great Unconformity. This unconformity represents approx. 2 Ba of missing time: near Buffalo Bill Dam, WY 2004. Photo: D.Scott Flamm

    HOLY CRAP! Syncline, Wrangle Point, near Bude, Cornwall by Earthwatcher, via Flickr

    Stripy cliffs in Segels-ällskarpet Fjord, NE-GL NP. The colorful layers are part of the Eleonore Bay group & are made up of alternating layers of limestones/ dolomites/ mud rocks/ quartzites | GRID-Arendal - Environmental Photo Library

    PANAMINT RANGE, DEATH VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA Jagged - Also in the high-rising mountain chains at the edge of the dry and scorching hot Death Valley, weathering has created “flat irons” out of the jagged rock layers.

    Chevron folds in ribbon chert, southern Oregon coast.

    fossils - Burgess Shale Fault. Yolo NP, Canada

    Marin Headlands with exposure of chert in a tight, plunging synclinal fold.

    Reading the rocks (chemistry)...