Yellow Jacket Drilling

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Recumbent chevron folds in Early Pennsylvania graywacke and shale of the Bude Formation at Millook Havem on the north coast of Cornwall, southwestern Britain, record the development and deformation of the Varsican foreland basin -- testifying to the closure of the Rheic Ocean during the mid- to Late Pennsylvanian Variscan orogeny. From: GSA Today, Vol. 18, No. 12 (Dec.2009)


    intrusive - pertaining to igneous rocks or features formed by the emplacement of magma in pre-existing rock.

    Paleozoic Mesozoic Cenozoic

    Strong folding in garnet gneiss, Hammerfest, Norway by Robert Harding

    Glacial striations in granite of Canadian Shield - Ontario

    Sinuosos pliegues de piedra en el glaciar Engabreen, Noruega (National Geographic Society)

    Giant twisting forces shown in basalt column pattern near Aldeyjarfoss in northern Iceland.

    Diabase dike cutting Red Cloud Granite in Minnesota

    Geology on Georgian Bay

    Geology | Structural Geology & Tectonics

    PANAMINT RANGE, DEATH VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA Jagged - Also in the high-rising mountain chains at the edge of the dry and scorching hot Death Valley, weathering has created “flat irons” out of the jagged rock layers.

    Marin Headlands with exposure of chert in a tight, plunging synclinal fold.

    igneous dike, an intrusion of molten magmas into an existing crack