Molly McGirt

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:25:40 +0000

《 Brunette Rose Gold ((melt)) 》 BEAUTIFUL! ❤ this so much!

    Favorite brunette/rose ombre so far!!

    Fall Rose Melt .


    Rose gold with a deep root #nofilter #rosegoldhair #goldwell #colorance

    @kristin_ess: So late to the game on this post but BABY IS BLONDE. {who slayeth this lewk today, you ask?? none other than my faves @allanface +@davestanwell}

    5 Unusual Hair Colors Even Your Mom Would Like

    when your twinbff @asighttobehold comes in and gets a surprise makeover thanks to her sweet boyfriend @everettslife, you give her the vip treatment and get her a new fabulous do! before: her grown out brown to blonde ombre / after: beautiful red to rose gold curls! ❤❤⚘ I am totally booked through the rest of the week but there's still time available next week! let's get you in and get you a new fall look!#hairordye #hairordyesalon #balayage #goddesshair #mermaidhair #downtown...

    Stunning Rose Gold Hair Ideas!!! (Rose Gold Hair)