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Cheezok Emunah- Judaism and Isaiah 53: Can Isaiah 53 apply to Israel?

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    Cheezok Emunah- Judaism and Isaiah 53: Of Whom Isaiah 53 Speak of?

    ABBA, FATHER! Rise up the prayer warriors that will Stand and not faint, that will run and not fall, that will praise, worship, and pray unceasingly, unreservedly, and unfailing? ABBA YEHOVAH! Make in me as such a person, I pray! in your name YEHOVAH! Blessed be YOU and blessed be YOUR son YESHUA.

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    ONE FOR ISRAEL Promo Published on Apr 19, 2015 WOW - Israelis are sharing Jesus with other Israei Jews & Arabs!!! For 2,000 years it was gentiles who attempted to share the gospel of Jesus with the Jewish people. But now, it is Israeli Jews who are sharing Yeshua with their own people! This is a phenomenal that Christians worldwide should stand behind! Please Share this video and support this cause!

    Micah 5:9 The people of Israel will stand up to their foes, and all their enemies will be wiped out.

    Jewish children at the Western (Wailing) Wall Plaza in Jerusalem.

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    אם חד-הורית פוגשת בתהילים את ישוע, המשיח היהודי!

    Messianic ministry urges fellow Israelis to consider their nation is evidence of God's existence and faithfulness

    [Brad TV] 하늘에서 본 이스라엘 - 시온산

    무슬림은 온건한 척한다동영상

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    ג'ורג' פרדריך הנדל - משיח(בשפה העברית)

    [CBS 뉴스] "기독인들이 가장 신뢰하는 기독교 매체는 CBS"