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Surround yourself with the right kinds of people.:


    Real is beautiful. Size 12-14 her time is our Plus size today. Size 12 and 118 lbs doesn't make sence

    Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion. It was little known and never used. The poster was rediscovered in 2000 and has been re-issued by a number of private sector companies, and used as the decorative theme for a range of other products. There are only two known surviving examples of the poster outside of government archives.

    My favorite quote from Marilyn Monroe

    I really like the idea of doing noir, classic film or rockabilly engagement photos. So cool and fun.

    Always remember you are braver than you believe and loved more than you even know

    Irish Blessing: "May you never forget what is worth remembering nor ever remember what is best forgotten." Description from I searched for this on

    "Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life." <3 Mary Engelbreit

    Ahha Yes . ILoveYou Syddyboo . Your My Best Friend . & I Have Always Loved You From The Beginning . I Never Wanted To Fight You . I Was Pushed Into You . & I'm Sorry . You Were Like My Sister Even Thoe You Were Mad At Me . You Knoe , I Would Be There For You When We Fight . I'll Always Be By Your Side When Someone Tries To Hurt You . ILoveYou Mah Baby Gurl <3 Always Will , Sweetie . (; #sydney #best #friend #love #u #parker

    She always said she was going to laugh so hard that she'd pee her pants...

    im no angel - Google Search

    my kindred spirit, ashley, makes these delicious products for the skin!!