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Sat, 20 May 2017 00:10:03 +0000

Miss Morocco 2016


    Barbie Collector: Barbie as Lucy #38 - The Operetta Mattel http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0007WX1JS/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_tIPDub0ASKP07

    Grace Kelly Barbie doll dressed in spectacular red dress of "Dial M For Murder" Reproduction of the costume.

    Amazon.com: Barbie Lucille Ball (L.A. at Last): Toys

    Miss Cuba 2012 .

    Miss Miami 2012 - De la Florida, con su mezcla de culturas latinas envía esta diva en un conjunto de noche de alta costura inspirado por el famoso diseñador Zuhair Murad colección 2012.

    Barbie's Best-Ever Designer Collaborations: Kate Spade, 2003. In addition to her very bright outfit, Kate Spade's Barbie carries not one but two Kate Spade purses; one for her and one for Kate's beloved dog, done in plastic form. Aw.

    Miss Malta 2016

    Live and Let Die finds James Bond working with Solitaire, a lovely Tarot card reader and seer. Dressed in a stylish multi-colored, printed gown with butterfly details, Live and Let Die™ Barbie® doll is sure to steal your heart. Upswept hair, and detailed face paint add to this Bond girl’s mysterious magnitude.

    MISS MACAU 2015/16

    ๑Miss Brazil 2013' barbie strass http://www.beadshop.com.br/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=pint&partner=pin13

    Miss Ohio 2017

    thedollcafe: “ Miss Yemen 2013/2014 by NiniMomo (via New Page 0) ”