Nandi Kollock

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:31:34 +0000

    Farmhouse kitchen with a black cabinet made out of antique French doors with a painted red interior.

    Are looking for ways to save space in your kitchen? Check out these awesome kitchen hacks that will help you make the most of your small kitchen.

    12 Dollar Store Finds That Make Amazing Kitchen Organizers -

    peonyandbee: Home Desigly


    Stacking Plastic Bins Under Bathroom Cabinet. These stacking containers from the Dollar Tree stack vertically very well. You can even clearly see what is in the bins without labeling these organizers.

    Wood Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet - Until a few weeks ago, we had a nice stainless steel trash can. Nice…but still a bit of an eyesore being a trashcan and all. Then…

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    This is the ultimate double whammy: Those plastic skirt hangers will make sure your snacks don't go stale, and make extra storage space appear out of thin air.

    I LOVE the idea of open shelving instead of cabinets in the kitchen. At least up top that is. Going back to the old kitchen designs of the 1900 - 1930's Just means a regular dust and clean and I like that you can enjoy beautiful pieces of crockery all the time.

    I love this, but my shelves would never look like that in my kitchen. They'd be overcrowded and just look like a mess all the time. Do like the simple window treatment though. Just a sweet little shade.

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