Black Pearl

Fri, 19 May 2017 19:43:41 +0000

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    PRAY 4 DISCERNMENT! Study TORAH & PROPHETS. Research other countries history of blacks. Remember not everything African is black HEBREW Israelite. YAHweh warns not to adopt the ways of pagans.

    Sexist rules of religion. Made by men to keep women under their control. It's sick.

    We must know the feasts and days for us; YaHuWaH people. Do not participate in any holidays. Only in the times established by YAH

    Idumea (Edomites) behind this foolishness.

    Your true identity.... still questioning if this book is actually about you?

    Spell "saggin" backwards...

    Don't know when this change happened... Oh when Roman Catholicism need an organization to with their white, straight hair messiah.

    Qam Yasharela! Wake up Israel its time to go back to the Most High, our power, and make ourselves ready to receive our King and Savior Christ! Ah Mon

    Something to think about