Scott Fuller

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:46:39 +0000

Foam Wing Caddis, Grey - unique adult Caddis imitation that is not only a very visible pattern, but a fly as well that can be fished in heavy current situations without submerging.

    Salmon Fly, Hair Wing Triple Decker - This buoyant and realistic Fly pattern can be fished all day with no damage other than a few tooth marks from the giant trout that come up to inhale it.

    CDC brown caddis pattern.

    TCO Fly Fishing - Attractor - Orvis Patriot Dry Fly

    Bergs Caddis Larve

    CDC fly - Google Search

    A bushy caddis pupa pattern that can be tied in less than a minute. - Caddis emerger

    I love this Fripple 2.0 pattern. It is a great spent wing imitation of an emerger still struggling to break thru the surface film. I'm tying up a dozen each for sizes 14 -18 (Fly Fish Food)

    A very useful Fly Pattern

    Cannibal Flies. Rainbow baitfish step by step

    Very realistic foam emerger pattern - Caddis Larva