Scott Fuller

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:46:39 +0000

Foam Wing Caddis, Grey - unique adult Caddis imitation that is not only a very visible pattern, but a fly as well that can be fished in heavy current situations without submerging.

    Salmon Fly, Hair Wing Triple Decker - This buoyant and realistic Fly pattern can be fished all day with no damage other than a few tooth marks from the giant trout that come up to inhale it.

    Olive Elk Hair Caddis - Buoyant, visible, and fishy - it's possibly the best caddis fly pattern for grayling and trout fishing.

    TCO Fly Fishing - Attractor - Orvis Patriot Dry Fly

    Wally wing caddis

    CDC fly - Google Search

    The Caddis Fly

    Partridge Caddis - a great pattern to fly fish in riffles or pockets where caddis flies are active.

    Nice caddis fly pattern

    Another awesome looking caddis that's easy to tie.

    How to tie the Triple Wing Caddis Fly Pattern. I had good luck on the Beaverkill in Roscoe NY last year with an Elk Hair Caddis. This looks like a good variation of the Caddis to try this year. Has anyone else used this fly?

    CDC Snow Shoe Caddis