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Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:46:39 +0000

Foam Wing Caddis, Grey - unique adult Caddis imitation that is not only a very visible pattern, but a fly as well that can be fished in heavy current situations without submerging.

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    Britten Jay's Salmonfly

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    This is what happens when you combine a Klinkhamer with an elk hair caddis. I'd fish it. (The Drake)

    Soft Hackle Bi-Bugger for more than just trout

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    Fly Tying Pattern: Cased Caddis

    This is literally the Holy Grail. I haven't fished a better still water fly.

    A very useful Fly Pattern

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    Charlie Boy Hopper - tyed with a foam body and deer or elk hair head and wing.

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    Unlike many trout-food insects, which are available to trout only during very specific times of year, midges hatch year-round on most waters. You know those times when you can see fish rising. . .Read More  »

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    Simple little blood midge. #FlyFishing #FlyTying #NewburyFlyTYing #chironomid

    Very realistic foam emerger pattern

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    How emerger patterns should sit in the surface film.