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Wed, 27 Jul 2016 16:16:27 +0000

Sugilite the strongest stones to wear to give protection from negative entities, and attachments. As it is a violet flame crystal for healing. If you have emotional problems this stone is strongly nurturing. It assists you to let go of worry, and it stimulates positive feelings that aid the release of stress and brings peace of mind and calmness. | www.lookingbeyond...


    Amazingly purple sugilite from South Africa. I will never stop lamenting the fact that I never had what it takes to become a geologist.

    Smoky quartz is an excellent stone for removing negativity of any kind and transforming them to positive energy. Very protective and grounding stone. Brings physical and mental protection and protection from negative energy. It enhances survival instincts, and can help one reach personal goals.

    Looks just like the rocks I get with my grandma in new mexico

    Bumble Bee in Amber. Amber is an ancient manifestation tool that can help you attain your goals when you use it with focused attention.

    Beautiful emeralds! :)

    //Larimar - Larimar is a rare form of blue pectolite. It awakens feminine power and soothes the emotions. Created by volcanic activity, it balances water and fire energy. Powerful throat chakra stone, assists in expression of emotions. Teaches respect, love and nurturing. Cleanses unhealthy emotional blocks, releases attachments. Is excellent for pregnant or new mothers to relieve depression and stress.

    Amethyst, pop one under your pillow it'll help you sleep #amatista debajo de la almohada ayuda a #dormir

    rainbow tourmaline pendant | amazing facets!

    Crystals and Minerals | opal | Rocks, Crystals, and Minerals

    Kunzite ~ .Love this! So pretty.

    Sugilite gemstone