Jeanine Gonzalez

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:45:06 +0000

Make a sign to keep track of papers without a name. | 35 Cheap And Ingenious Ways To Have The Best Classroom Ever

    Get students to make sure their name is on their paper

    Love this sign!

    displaying student's work - laminated pieces of construction paper and clothes pins with thumb tacks hot glued to back

    Free Classroom Hand Signals Posters

    Super cute classroom library! Includes marquee letters from Target.

    students sign out when they leave the classroom

    Organizing classroom supplies in a beautiful, easy-to-see way | What the Teachers Wants

    Keep track of classroom jobs this year with this cheerful Polka Dot Brights Classroom Jobs Clip Chart package. This set is designed to be a classroom job clip chart. To keep track of classroom jobs, simply hang up the chart in your classroom and use clothespins to assign jobs to various students. Simply switch the clothespins around from week to week. There are editable options provided within this PDF package for you to "name" your own classroom jobs

    instead of handing back papers all the time, great way to reinforce student responsibility...LOVE this!

    I love how the daily schedule also has the time!

    21 brilliant classroom organization tips. These ideas are genius! So many helpful teaching hacks.

    Solve the pencil problem: cut straws then duct tape to the desk.