Teresa Mai

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:09:25 +0000

After Effects Tutorial - Soul Effect from Doctor Strange movie

    This is a awesome 4 part series for beginner After Effects Users. It helped me fill in the missing pieces. Cartoon Animation Tutorial - Part 1: Body Rigging - YouTube

    In this tutorial, Caleb Ward will teach you how to create Doctor Strange inspired shield effect in After Effects using only the native plugins and effects.

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    After Effects Tutorial - Metaball with Trapcode Particular

    A simple tutorial on create a 2D scene in After Effects. I will be posting the design portion of this video soon. Also I will be creating an advanced series ...

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    After Effects – Creating an Ultimate Heat Vision Effect Tutorial

    Video Tutorial: Making a 2D Image 3D in After Effects. We'll use the displacement map to give 2D pictures a 3D look in After Effects. See t...