Anjalee Hutchinson

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    This is very hard to do......when that reason is the reason im a live ......its sad his his family and widow truly know what i feel and whats up with me more then all of you put togethers

    Finally able to do these things. Mentally strong. So grateful. So proud. Finally!

    Better days are on the way

    Even if it's not the start of the month, you can always get started today and just follow our plan for the next 30 days. Don't let any excuses come in between you and your happy place!

    We cannot control the state of the world outside of us, but we can do something about what we experience individually. Try this morning affirmation and visualize a gentle, unchanging bubble of peaceful energy all around you today. Carry this loving enviro

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    I expect miracles! Cassie"Miracles" Love! #expectmiracles2014 #expectbountifulmanifestationsNOW

    Very True. #SWaGKing ✨☝★ ★¥£$★ ★$₭¥£$★ ★$₭★♥★$₭★

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