Bright green is an effective color for Salmon and Steelhead - these hairwing beauties should do well.

    UV Blue Egg Sucking Coho Spanker

    Winter Purple steelie fly

    Thin Mint Woolly Bugger fly

    Dirk Wiggler Pink

    Purple October steelhead fly tyed in the Spey style.

    A classic marabou fly in some of my favorite colors. Still a killer!

    Easy Egg fly - Coldwater Species - Fly Tying

    Fish Tacos - Spey Pages

    Pictures of new custom Fly Tying Station

    Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Patterns | This is our number one go-to fly pattern for great Lake steelhead in ...

    Black Back Coho Streamer Fly Pattern | Teddy's Tackle

    Matt's most effective Steelhead pattern - Sharp's Black & Blue.

    Steelhead Zonker

    Fall Favorite - Salmon And Steelhead Fly S.B.D. - simple but deadly!

    62aaad4b02d7210884c29854b45d90b4.jpg (736×731)

    The Signal Light steelhead fly - originated by Randall Kaufmann, and named after the signal lights of the Deschutes River railroad tracks.

    Step-by-step instructions for tying an intruder by Dai Jones of South Wales, United Kingdom.

    'Signal Light' (Reduced Dressing) Scott Howell

    Pink Pearl (Combs)

    #87 Hilton Boss - Cory Koenig

    Smelt / Silver Bait fish pattern Baitfish Pattern A actual Smelt fish, which is favorite bait for many fishes. Some Silver bait...

    The Dec Hogan Summer Bug is tied with seriously fishy materials. A hot pink butt, purple body, mylar rib and two hackles topped with an arctic fox wing. What steelhead could pass this pattern up?