Janessa Mitchell

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:51:53 +0000

Photo by Ann Street Studio

    Cincinnati Freedom 1995-2008. Also known as Charlene Mooken. On Feb. 15, 2002 she leaped over a 6 foot fence at an Ohio slaughterhouse and escaped, eluding capture for 11 days. Artist Peter Max donated $180.000 worth of paintings to the SPCA for auction & in return took possession of the cow, who spent the rest of her life at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter.

    Een koe in een weiland. Meer over koeien? Ga naar http://www.milkstory.nl/artikel/fotoblog-koe-rijden

    Job 1-3 ...."God was protecting him from greater harm. God protects us and send someone or something just to make sure we are safe.

    Lista pal baile de la arrolladora

    Holstein all the way

    white cow http://www.photobotos.com/charolais-white-cow-devon-england-jojo-filer-cooper

    foto van een zwart-bonte koe in een weiland

    Cows..I remember when Mom would drive pass a field of cows how she would comment how pretty they were. I would be like "yea." But now that she's gone I really do think they are beautiful.

    Vaches holstein

    What a divine bovine!

    Did you know the average cow drinks about 40 gallons of water and can eat over 100 pounds of feed per day? #agfact

    Holstein dairy cows - reminds me of my grandmothers dairy farm in KY where I use to spend my summers - the best days of my childhood. The inspiration for this board.