Janessa Mitchell

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:51:53 +0000

Photo by Ann Street Studio

    Cincinnati Freedom 1995-2008. Also known as Charlene Mooken. On Feb. 15, 2002 she leaped over a 6 foot fence at an Ohio slaughterhouse and escaped, eluding capture for 11 days. Artist Peter Max donated $180.000 worth of paintings to the SPCA for auction & in return took possession of the cow, who spent the rest of her life at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter.

    beautiful, wish this was hanging in my house as a 5'x3' print!

    Holstein all the way

    Fresh Farmhouse

    Brown Swiss Cow - I want one for my future farm!

    foto van een zwart-bonte koe in een weiland

    Hilarious images of Cows in Hats. (more at the link)

    A dairy cow, on white, shot from a rear view showing off her large udder which needs milking. Funny photos of dairy cows.

    Vaches holstein

    ▶ Koeien die loeien - YouTube

    Beautiful Baby! Raised on our farm in East Tennessee - Photo: L.Barger