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9 years? Thats it!! The fuck?

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    LIST OF REASONS FOR ADMISSION TO AN INSANE ASYLUM FROM THE LATE 1800S 10.22.2013 07:26 am Topics: History Hysteria Tags: insanity After viewing this list of what could have gotten you admitted to West Virginia’s Hospital for the Insane (Weston) aka Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum back in the late-1800s, I’ve swiftly concluded that the criteria was rather all-encompassing. Who among us is a stranger to what’s on this list?

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    psychiatric institution images | Patient at mental hospital, Bangladesh

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    Vera Renczi - beautiful Romanian woman who had many affairs and killed her lovers if she suspected they were unfaithful. She also killed her son. She was convicted of killing 35 men through arsenic poisoning but only confessed to 32. ~Deadly Women S1,E1.

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    (Mais) 10 estranhos e assustadores instrumentos médicos do passado

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    Brittany Marie Wiest, a 21-year-old Tennessee adult entertainer, was charged with starving her 2-month-old son to death, police said.

    In November of 1896, two young boys became famous after they found the "St. Augustine Monster" on Anastasia Island in Florida. Originally postulated to be the remains of a gigantic octopus, it is one of the earliest recorded examples of a "globster," an unidentified organic mass. Recent analysis concludes that the St. Augustine Monster was a large mass of a collagenous matrix of whale blubber, likely from a sperm whale. (Li

    Virginia Tech Student Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison for Strangling Her Lover Who Wore Sweats to Date Night