Terry Nelson

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:54:42 +0000

Karriem ABdAllah - First Black Man to Development a Karate System

    Wang Shu Chin

    Shirley Chisholm on the BBC in 1970

    Jim Kelly in Enter the Dragon (1973)

    This marvelous bust is one of the very few documents of an actual black person from Greek and Roman antiquity. Memnon was a pupil and protégé of the well-known Athenian entrepreneur and philosopher Herodes Atticus.

    Charles V: Said to be Christophle le More (get it "Moor"), entourage of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Painted by the Dutch painter Jan Mostaert circa 1520. It is said to be the oldest painting of a Black man in Europe. It is titled dismissively as “Portrait of an African” (As always, degenerate Albinos seek to portray all Blacks, when not as Slaves or Servants, then as Africans). In this way, they preclude all possibilities of them being native Europeans. http://realhistoryww.com

    Ninja Workout

    Today in Black History, 3/27/2014 - In 1955 Arthur Mitchell became the first African American dancer with the New York City Ballet. For more info, check out today's blog!

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    Queen Sylvier Nagginda of Uganda