Sarah Duval

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:51:29 +0000

Have frayed nerves? Need to chill out? Want to ditch the witch? Find your zen?…

    Best Summer Esssential Oil Diffuser Blends with FREE PRINTABLE-- recipes that…

    One of my favorite times of the year here in Colorado, so thought I would share this very cool Fall Trail Blend with you guys. Remember you can adjust these amounts to suit your own preferences. That is what I love about these blends and being able to diffuse my essential oils. So much to discover and explore with them.

    Learn how these 11 essential oils can help you STOP the hurt of depression and dininish anxiety for good.

    Top 4 Safest, Most Effective Antibacterial Essential Oils

    "Sea Breeze" roller bottle blend creates a sense of calm and well being-- LOVE this!! amazing find! there are tons of great roller bottle blends {and FREE super cute labels} for all kinds of emotions-- calm, focus, grounding, balance, gratitude, happy, energy, comfort, motivation, courage, confidence, cheer, creativity, and more!!

    Best Summer Esssential Oil Diffuser Blends with FREE PRINTABLE-- recipes that smell like the beach, lemonade, a summer hike, time at the lake, a chilled mojito, a sea breeze, and more!

    doTERRA to manage bipolar trigger sleep

    Tunnel of trees diffuser blend: manuka, orange, cardamom, ginger essential oils

    Rainy day diffuser blend: white fir, cypress, frankincense, clove, peppermint essential oils

    doTERRA Essential Oils Cupid Shuffle Diffuser Blend

    Bursting with aroma for times when you need to escape the stress at work, this roll on createa that feeling of A Walk In The Forest! Apply to your wrists and back of next and let the aroma take you away!

    Want to freshen up your home? Try the Fresh Air diffuser blend. Tea tree (melaleuca), lemon, and lime essential oils eliminate odors, making your home smell great again.