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Pupa de Caddis en su casa de grava.

    Weighted #caddis pupa. #flytying #flyninja

    Royal Gorgeous Caddis, #12 tied on TMC 2499 SPBL

    Scud con epoxi

    Kitchen Sink Caddis Pupa

    Detailed instructions for tying a Wally Wing Rusty Spinner.

    A Few of my Chironomid Favorites - SUPER MACRO!

    Beadhead Scud - Olive

    12080524_1615480575384638_1237409326_n.jpg (640×640)

    Flies More

    Minnow with fins fly pattern david martin fly fishing pdf

    Fishtec uk terrestrial fly fishing infographic

    uk sedge and caddis fly fishing infographic

    CatGut Caddis Nymphs

    "Bow Juan Worm - FAOL" More

    Real and artificial - A real caddis larva and two artificials.

    Trout Snack

    Brassie | brassieD. For more fly fishing info follow and subscribe Also check out the original pinners/creators site and support

    Craven's Poison Tung

    killer bug fly pattern | One of Frank Sawyers best flies, well this and the pheasant tail and grey goose to name a few...

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