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Sat, 20 May 2017 00:44:03 +0000

FREE STEM Supply Labels for Makerspaces, STEM Shelves, Cabinets, or Carts! | Classroom Organization | STEM Challenges

    Are you ready for monthly STEM projects? Here's a money-saving bundle of 30 kid-tested STEM activities- perfect for using all year long.

    Learn about the layers of an ecosystem using a pop bottle!

    STEM drawers are a simple, easy to implement STEM activities even if you have a small classroom. Just add challenge cards and sketch paper. Perfect for preschool, pre-k, and elementary classrooms.

    Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten : The 3 Little Pigs- STEM Challenge!!

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    How to Introduce S.T.E.M. Expectations

    S.T.E.M. and Growth Mindset concepts complement and reinforce each other perfectly, so teaching them together is a perfect match! Here's how I combine them.

    STEM Challenges for all seasons: Design a sports dome in fall, try several different snowflake challenges in winter, create a sturdy bird's nest in spring, and dive into a submersible water craft in summer. These STEM challenges engage kids of all ages. | STEM Resources by Meredith Anderson

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