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Rhonda Holy Bear - Lakota Doll Artist

    Rock Comes Alive Rhonda Holy Bear Lakota Doll/ Figure Artist

    Kiowa style doll/ figure 1996 Created by: Rhonda Holy Bear Lakota Doll / Figure Artist

    Class VIII Beadwork and Quillwork Class VIII Beadwork and Quillwork Joyce Growing Thunder, Jessa Rae Growing Thunder, Juanita Growing Thunder (Assiniboine / Sioux - Dakota) © 2014 SWAIA/Daniel Nadelbach Photography

    Sioux Chief - Sioux Chief's Recognition of a Lifetime of Valor, a Feather at a Time

    Female Doll, Artist Unknown (Lakota (Sioux))

    Rhonda Holy Bear - Lakota Doll artist

    Jamie Okuma doll (Luiseno/Shoshone-Bannock)

    Northern Plains Blackfeet style indian beaded doll, fantastic #DollswithClothingAccessories

    Rhonda Holy Bear Lakota Doll Artist ~Repinned Via Jan Morris

    Contemporary Cheyenne Female Doll Attributed to Rhonda Holy Bear, c. 1990s, with covered wood head, wearing traditional beaded hide dress, moccasins, and ornaments, custom stand, ht. 18 1/2 in. Estimate $4,000-6,000

    Carved wood figure, earth paint on braintanned buckskin. Doll by Rhonda Holy Bear. Artist is Rhonda Holy Bear.

    Rhonda Holy Bear does amazing work!

    doll by Jamie Okuma

    Rhonda Holy Bear..Lakota doll artist

    Rhonda Holy Bear, top prize winner fine art beaded dolls and figures.

    Plains Crow Style Manⓒ1988 Rhonda Holy Bear Lakota Doll Artist

    Lakota Beadwork Doll by Charlene Holy Bear: Quillwork, & parfleche designs, are handmade & inspired by Plains traditional dolls, which were flat & more utilitarian--they were used to teach girls about their roles in life. Holy Bear's dolls are 3-dimensional & honor the doll-making tradition with beauty & a contemporary style blended with art.

    The Last Lakota Horse Raid Rhonda Holy Bear Date: 1991 Medium: Wood (basswood), native-tanned and commercial leather, glass beads, pigment, cotton cloth, hair, dentalium shells, abalone, German silver, metal cones, brass tacks, beads

    Contemporary Arapaho Doll Set by: Rhonda Holy Bear (b.1960) Cheyenne River Sioux

    'My Little Winona' Rhonda Holy Bear 2013 Traditional Lakota Doll

    Jamie Okuma doll

    Native American Sioux Indian Powwow Dancer Doll by Marge Moueaux

    Rhonda Holy