Ginelle Walker-Ward

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:57:58 +0000

Rhonda Holy Bear - Lakota Doll Artist

    Jamie Okuma doll (Luiseno/Shoshone-Bannock)

    Crow Portrait Rhonda Holy bear Lakota Doll/figure Artist

    Contemporary Arapaho Doll Set by: Rhonda Holy Bear (b.1960) Cheyenne River Sioux

    Plains Indian Beaded Hide and Cloth Doll | Sale Number 2506, Lot Number 312 | Skinner Auctioneers

    Lakota Beaded and Quilled Doll 1880-1890. The head is made from buffalo tail with the hair and is smoked to a deep rich tobacco brown. "Dentallium shell " choker and earrings are of un-dyed porcupine quills, harness leather and old tin and shows a small amount of insect damage to the quills although still intact save for one loose quill and sinew attachment. She sports a lovely pair of high top women's leggings and two pair of beaded bracelets on her lovely wrists.

    Plains Crow Style Manⓒ1988 Rhonda Holy Bear Lakota Doll Artist

    Native American Collections There was a large session featuring Native American items, including costumes, objects and accessories. Several lots saw serious bidding; most sold within or above estimate. One very desirable antique Sioux beaded buckskin doll kindled some stiff competition, ending at its high estimate of $400.

    Lakota Sioux Doll #8399

    Northern Plains beaded buckskin doll with fringe dress and incorporated moccasins

    Rhonda Holy Bear does amazing work!

    Northern Plains Beaded Doll, c 1880