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Floret's favorite pale yellow, buttercream dahlias: Formby Crest, Big Brother, Appleblossom, Bracken Palomino, Valley Tawny, Seattle, Breakout, Rock Run Ashley, Penhill Watermelon, Blyton Softer Gleam, Irish Pinwheel, Suncrest, Golden Scepter.


    Floret's favorite blush pink colored dahlias include: Café au Lait, Appleblossom, Castle Drive, Jowey Winnie, Bracken Rose, Valley Porcupine, Alloway Candy.

    These little darlings are perfect for small handwork such as boutonnieres, flower crowns and corsages. They all have long, strong stems and also are adorable tucked into bouquets.

    Papaver nudicaule One of the most exquisite cut flowers we’ve ever grown, this blend of apricot, watermelon pink and pure white will leave you breathless. A citrusy scent and abundant flowering habit stretching from early spring through midsummer make them a highly prized cutting garden addition. Technically considered a hardy perennial, poppies can survive even the coldest winters, but because they don’t do well in high heat, they are often grown as an annual or biennial. Plant type: annu...

    Why enjoy your garden only at night? Create a moon garden for a nighttime haven!

    Excerpt from Floret's peony farm field trip: We saw row after row of fully blown peonies, sparkling in the late day sun. Getting to know local growers, seeing their farms and hearing their passion for growing is a life altering experience. Years and years of hard work, love and dedication all in full bloom before your eyes. You’ll never see flowers the same way again. #farmerflorist

    Add a unique touch of color and drama to your garden by adding black flowers and plants. These plants can also be grown in containers.

    ~~Gorgeous Dahlia Garland fresh from the garden by

    The Wildflower look is totally DIY-friendly! Carefree and chic, we have all the products you'll need to create this look at

    Great dahlia variety choices for farmer's markets include: 'Genoma,' 'Suncrest' and ‘Chimacum Nadjae’

    How big will a dahlia flower bloom? Check out this easy guide to Dahlia Bloom Sizes.

    If you’re growing purely for pleasure and want dahlias that look great in the landscape, then these guys are for you! Even if you don’t have a lot of space to devote to them, you can still enjoy these wonderful plants in pots or tucked into your existing garden, plus be able to pick from them and bring flowers in the house.