Debbie Midock

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:50:31 +0000

Many middle-schoolers procrastinate. But if your child struggles frequently with planning, prioritizing and emotional control, then you might be seeing signs of executive functioning issues.

    Executive functioning issues can make things like planning and organization especially tough for kids. And that can cause trouble for grade-schoolers at home and at school.

    These printable 2017 calendar sheets may help your middle-schooler with executive functioning issues stay on track with common goals like getting to school on time or cleaning up his room.

    Click through for more tips on organization and improving study habits.

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    Do you want to teach your children of all ages how to plan, organize and manage time? .....has great ideas to get kids to learn to use their executive functioning more. Page w/ download for older kids (I think) is at

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    Some kids have a really tough time getting organized and starting tasks. Planning, focusing and using working memory can be big challenges too. Use this visual guide to see how executive functioning issues can affect a child’s daily life.

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