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    Mt Fuji : Mitsubishi A6M Zero "Reisen"


    Ekranoplan - Caspian Sea Monster

    IJN Akagi - Portaerei - Varata 22 aprile 1925 Entrata in servizio 27 marzo 1927 - Dislocamento 42.000 t Lunghezza 260,68 m Larghezza 31,32 m Pescaggio 8,71 m Propulsione 19 caldaie, turbine ad ingranaggi e propulsione elettrica, 4 eliche, 133.000 shp Velocità 31 nodi (58,3 km/h) Autonomia 8.200 nm a 12 nodi Equipaggio 2.000 - Corazzatura Cintura: 152 mm Ponte: 79 mm - Affondata nella battaglia di Midway - Imperial Rampage - Marii Chernev.


    HIEN5a.jpg 695×560 ピクセル

    Artist: Mike Turner

    The Aichi D3A, (Allied reporting name "Val")[2] was a World War II carrier-borne dive bomber. It was the primary dive bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), and participated in almost all IJN actions, including the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Aichi D3A was the first Japanese aircraft to bomb American targets in the war, commencing with Pearl Harbor and U.S. bases in the Philippines, such as Clark Air Force Base. Vals sank more Allied warships than any other Axis aircraft.

    The Mitsubishi G4M (or "Type 1 land-based attack aircraft") (一式陸上攻撃機, 一式陸攻) was the main twin-engine, land-based bomber used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II. The Allies gave the G4M the reporting name Betty. Japanese Navy pilots called it "葉巻" Hamaki (Cigar), due to its cylindrical shape.

    Yes! It's a boat!

    Military Aircraft - German Nazi WWII Fighters

    Boeing flying boat