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RV Storage/Organizing by gypsylife@classac...

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    RV Hack - inexpensive dollar store magazine file for paper goods

    Cute Decor for Bathroom Counters

    Rather than buy nasty and expensive chemicals for the waste tanks try using a 1/2 cup of good old Borax laundry detergent and 1/4 cup of Calgon Water Softener. The Borax helps control odor, cleans and the water softener prevents waste from sticking to the walls of the waste tank.

    Where You Can Camp For Free in the USA (with an RV)

    Ikea bag holder as a RV toilet paper holder on inside of cabinet

    Easy shower organization for a family of five. Shower Rod across the back of the shower and designated racks for each person. Ma and Pa are sharing the big one, big brother has his own, and the two little girls share one.

    Little Camper Home Tour | Come and see a tour of our small camper home. See how we optimized our small space and made it home. | - @thenoshery #dreamsmallproject

    My mom is so talented! Cute way to decorate her camper bathroom!

    17 RV Hacks to Make Your Road Trips Awesome

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