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Sun, 13 Nov 2016 06:56:50 +0000

Foyle Trout & Salmon Flies: Temple Dog Style Salmon Flies

    Winter Spey Fly

    Black-orange ullsocken! By Olli Rautiainen

    Green Butt Skunk

    KB fly for River Bjerkreim

    By Graeme Ried

    Siskiyou Sunset

    Silver Wilkie Am.Opossum Tube - Spey Pages

    flies for the Atlantics - Spey Pages

    Postad bild

    Scandistyle hairwings by Jokke

    Williy Gun

    Flueboksenes innhold - www.flueboksen.com

    The Global FlyFisher - The Vanish Fly. Purple Pro Flexitube, Bright blue Crystal Fiber tail, butt hackle and first hackle in bright blue, Pro Flexi Weight body, Raccoon wing, silver and blue flash, fire orange Jungle Cock, Black spey hackle and Pro Sonic Disc in blue. This one should lighten up things. Maybe for a steelhead... (picture) - Vanish - Vanish


    American Ring Tail variation

    The Snow White Z

    The Fiberglass Manifesto: RedSpotFly's Fifth Element

    Eagle Patterns These flies were originally dressed some 100-150 years ago, the…

    Explore PeterOhlsson's photos on Photobucket.

    Green Helmet, A Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov Fly Minus the treb hook.

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