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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:55:05 +0000

I loved Matchbox cars, with the cardboard boxes


    Toy Trucks in J.C. Penney's Christmas Catalog, 1966, by Wishbook, via Flickr. I had the Tonk cement mixer, Jeep & wrecker shown here at center.

    Vintage Matchbox Cars and Trucks. Mi primer carro de Matchbox

    Lesney Matchbox Trailer Caravan RV MIB #23D 1965

    1978-xx-xx Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog P370 - Peanuts

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    Matchbox Selector Chart 2

    Matchbox Cars. the only girl collector I knew of was ME. I don't know if I loved these or barbies more!! every dollar earned was spent on these at Toy King in St. Pete.

    'Matchbox' cars

    Matchbox cars icons...for Anthony and Thomas!!

    Shop display units by Lesney

    Lesney Matchbox period adverts