Willis Hardy

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:55:44 +0000

Vintage "Lamy Artus Ballit" Fountain Pen-Burgundy Piston Filler-Germany 1950s #LamyArtus

    Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen Rouge Medium;

    Platinum 3776 Ribbed Fountain Pen, a favourite of the Japanese author Kuniko Mukoda.

    S.T. Dupont Mon Dupont By Karl Lagerfeld Fountain Pen Black & Palladium

    Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen. (Sailor's nib is better at making a line with varied thickness, being more flexible than the typically rigid European nib in Mont Blanc.)

    Vintage "Montblanc 264" Fountain Pen-14K F Nib-Blue Ink Window-Germany 1950s #Montblanc

    Vintage Fountain Pen-Blue & Grey Marbled Button Filler-14K Nib-Made in USA 1950s

    Vintage "Pelikan 100N" Fountain Pen-Pearl Grey Marbled-14K EEF Nib-Germany 1930s #Pelikan

    Vintage "Lamy 27" Fountain Pen-Black Piston Filler-14K OM Nib-Germany 1950s…

    Vintage "Montblanc 344G" Fountain Pen-Brown Ink Window-14K OBB-Germany 1950s #Montblanc

    Vintage "Pelikan 400NN" Fountain Pen-Pearl Tortoiseshell-14K Nib-Germany 1950s…

    Rare "Lamy Ratio 46n Demonstrator" Fountain Pen-Piston Filler-Germany 1960s…

    fr MyPens_Lamy 99e 1962 14K 585 FK Nib