Ella Johnson

Sat, 17 Sep 2016 17:48:47 +0000

Fem!Enjolras x Grantaire - Поиск в Google

    Accompanying piece to the Enjolras drawing!Commissioned by @redhead-grantaire :)Gif posted with the original picture this time:

    Courferre by batcii

    Enjolras and Grantaire

    Genderbent Enjolras and Grantaire

    Enjolras and Grantaire

    How to Build a Barricade... The comment at the end is the reason why i repinned this "I'm going to hell for this" lol!!!

    juanjoltaire art

    Enjolras (I'm really sorry for any emotional damage this might have caused you,it was just too horrible not to repin).

    One time I was talking to my friend on the phone about Grantaire and my brother goes "do you know who I ship Grantaire with?" Me:"WHO??" Him: "Death." and then i fell over.

    Enjolras' and Grantaire's opinion of Marius

    At first I was like "Where are they?" Then Isaw the bullet holes... Shh... You hear that? That was my feels being brutally murdered.

    Les Misérables - Enjolras x Grantaire - Enjoltaire