Tracy Guzikowski

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:56:08 +0000

ETH Zürich - Prof. A. Caruso :: Archive :: Diploma Projects - visualization

    the project known as 'the square and the cross' will include a museum, interpretation center and research center for historical heritage.

    ETH Zürich | Celine Bessire:

    Mención para UMWELT en el Concurso Edificio Anexo Museo Histórico Nacional de Chile

    Voronoi is a temporary pavilion for relaxation in the context of Kernel Festival 2011

    City patterns

    Edge bundling alternatives for US airline routes,

    AA Diploma 2 Anastasija Binevic. Tutor: Didier Faustino and Kostas Grigoriadis

    Highrise Proposal, Tokyo on Behance

    2D Plants Branch 2 in PSD Format

    Name: Wissam bou chahine(Lebanon) We don’t sell technical drawings except when they are incorporated into a drawing or a collage. Christo