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    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Frodo+Sam 4ever <3 #nerd

    The House (2017): Had its moments. Story is weak, but some laughs.

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    The 5th Wave Four waves of increasingly deadly alien attacks have left most of Earth decimated. Cassie is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother.

    Logan Lucky 2017 Full Movie HD 1080p ☞ How to WATCH or DOWNLOAD ♥ FULL MOVIE ♥ HD qualGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2y: [1.] Click "VisGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" or click the image above, you'll be re-directed to your full movie link [2.] Create account (free) [3.] Enjoy!

    ¡Ellas toman el mando! 50 películas dirigidas por mujeres

    Take Me Home Movie Review | CinemaFunk

    The Nice Guys (2016): Just awesome and fun and how summer movies should be made.

    Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) (5/10) An ok comedy, Zach, Isla, Jon and Gal were all great and the premises was good but it just seemed to be missing something (not sure what). Sure i laughed in some places but in others it was very boring. Probably not one i'd stick on again.

    X-Men: First Class 2011 Full Movie Watch Online - HD Full Movies