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Mon, 13 Mar 2017 01:09:13 +0000

Is it time to replace your tennis shoes? Find out here.

    Thigh Thinning Circuit

    How to find the best running shoe for you. | via @SparkPeople #running #workout #fitness #healthyliving

    Track memes. #runningprobs

    Should you wear a minimalist running shoe? How about a maximalist? Do you need a stride correcting shoe? We've got the answers!

    Eliminate like a million sneaker/fit problems by learning different ways to tie your sneakers.

    How to Make Running Feel Easier, Instantly. This is good advice. Bottom line: Relax but stay focused...don't waste energy!

    How to choose your running shoes - mistakes you are making

    7 moves to tone your entire body.

    12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan- http://www.jtxfitness.com/best/12-week-half-marathon-training-plan/

    If side cramps are slowing you down, here's how to prevent them!

    It's officially race season! Check out these tips to help improve your speed and power you through the finish line.

    Running Shoe Lacing Techniques By KatieRunsThis: http://katierunsthis.com/2011/10/04/running-shoe-lacing-techniques/