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Is it time to replace your tennis shoes? Find out here.

    Types of Running Workouts to Increase Speed

    Wearable safety lights. Early morning and evening hours are often the only time busy people can fit in a run or a bike ride. It’s dark, and low visibility can make it a dangerous time to be out and about.

    15 Minute At Home Cardio Blast Workout

    Running Sucks

    Here are 14 yoga stretches. These poses help you pre and post-run to get those limbs flexible and reduce the chance on injury... #yoga #flexibility #fitness

    Depending on what type of runner you are, you may require a different type of shoe than you may think. This nifty guide from WomensHealth.com can help you decide.

    5 ways to run better in the heat

    Who's ready to #run?! If you're feeling some discomfort in your running shoes, try retying them according to this handy chart!

    I run to leave my troubles behind! Coach Nicole shares 50 reasons she puts on her running shoes day after day, mile after mile. via @SparkPeople #running

    No more excuses to skip your run with the Night Runner LED Glow Shoe Clip. It creates a neon circle of safety and not only helps you navigate at night, it alerts drivers and other bicyclists of your presence. Daylight may be shorter in the winter, but your run doesn't need to be. For a limited time; Buy 1, Get 1 free!

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    Happy feet = Happy runner! Unfortunately the importance of choosing the right socks is often (and understandably) overlooked by new or inexperienced runners, who may view socks as a second-thought accessory. But wearing the wrong socks can trouble a runner with a wide variety of ailments, from minimal discomfort to painful blisters. Keeping the following tips in mind while choosing running socks will help keep your feet comfortable, and help ensure continued running success. #RUN

    Join the quickly growing community of FlipBelt fans and discover why we're the #1 product in the running category! Fits all phones (including the iPhone 6 Plus), credit cards, keys, gels, medical, mace, lip balm, powerbar, etc... No bounce! Machine wash! Move your phone to any location on your waist for different activities. Use 10% off code: PIN10 until 12/31/2016. Click the image to shop now.

    Podiatry: A "Feet"-ing Trend Infographic

    Ties for shoe laces

    If you serious about extending the life of your running shoes, then apply the following shoe-care tips: http://www.runnersblueprint.com/7-tricks-to-extend-the-lifespan-of-your-running-shoes/ #RunningShoes

    Shoe Lacing Guide for various Foot Problems - and to relieve pain

    11 must-haves for running in cold weather

    Jam to these tunes on your next run! Check out this running playlist.

    With the holidays on the way, it's time to do some holiday shopping! If you have a runner in your life, check out this Holiday Gift Guide with 11 great ideas for gifts for runners - everything from running gear to running jewelry to running books and coaching. Also great for birthday gifts and gifts for special occasions.

    It's better to #Recognize common foot problems #early rather than later. #ToeTicklerTuesday

    The all-terrain Mizuno Wave Hyate 2 ($110) features support and protection to keep you safe on rocky trails.

    Running in Winter? Snow Problem! 20 Must-Have Items for Cold-Weather Running | Greatist

    Taping for 3 common running injuries: IT Band, Shin Splints and Plantar Fascitis

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