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The best part about this dessert recipe for delicious mini ice cream cakes? Everybody gets their own! The second best part? They’re easy to make with your kids! Just spread a layer of Chocolate ice cream in a small pan and top with crumbled cookies and a layer of Chocolate chip ice cream, re-freeze, and use fun-shaped cookie cutters to dish out individual cakes!


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    Lemonade Recipes for Summer ... I would probably make SUGAR FREE varieties.

    Triple Chip Cookie Bars. Chewy, fudgy & filled with chocolate chips - you'll love how easy this recipe is.

    Easy PEPPERONI ROLL UPS I changed it up some and sprinkled the tops with garlic powder and real parmesan cheese. Line your pan with parchment paper!!! the cheese is going to come out!

    Learn how to make your very own ice cream cake—just in time for your little one’s birthday party! See how chocolate cake, Dreyer’s Slow Churned cookies ‘n cream light ice cream, and whipped cream frosting come together to create the most spectacular dessert recipe.

    hotcakes loaded with cat-shaped nerikiri, a traditional Japanese sweet | Artisan: Caroline I., Japan | | via:

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    Frozen Banana "Ice Cream" ~ Blend frozen bananas and peanut butter in the food processor and it tastes just like soft serve ice cream! So good and GUILT FREE!

    Check out these delectable Disney food recreations that are absolutely to die for!

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