Marsha Sheriff

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:12:39 +0000


    Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Egg/Healing: Truth, Reveal, Grounding, Process. The healing propertys can help identify the real causes of disease & illness.

    Citrine (Yellow Quartz) Crystal Healing Properties: Fire. Action. Positivity. Intention. Center. Confidence. Citrine balances and activates the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra sends out our Intention, which manifests and creates everything in our reality. "You get back what you give out!" Send out confident intention. Citrine can help you send positive, clear, balanced energy and receive the same. Sunshire. Fire. Yang! Photograph by me. Loren Warn. - see more.....

    Birthstones By Month Infographic

    The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe. To own a ruby is said to bring contentment and peace. Placed under a pillow the ruby may ward off bad dreams. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand so as to receive the life force and have protection. Given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. It is also the symbol of vitality and royalty. Persons lacking in self-love should have a Ruby. It also gives the courage to be best potential that a person has.

    APATITE High heart, centre opener. Helps one to be more kind, helpful and friendly. Helps us to see the truth about ourselves. Attuned to healing, communicating, balancing, and teaching and enhances creativity

    Sugilite – represents spiritual love and wisdom, teaches and protects in spiritual quests, love, and forgiveness, brings light and love to dark situations, helps us to understand negative circumstances by showing us what is happening and why it is happening. Aligns the mind and spirit. Helps us to follow our dreams and become our higher selves. Protects against anger and dissipates other negative energies, opens the mind to higher influences and aids psychic powers.

    "Chiastolite" This unusual crystal has long been regarded as a stone that is highly protective. These ancient beliefs have been shown to be true... as it is a highly effective psychic protection stone. These stones have strong metaphysical properties, as in meditation they will aid you to connect with the akashic records to discover past life information. They aid you to change negative energy into positive, and foster harmony and peace.

    Blue Lapis Lazuli can be a key to spritual attainment. Lapis also protects against psychic attack, shielding negative energy.

    CALCITE Transformation stone, communication with mind, body and spirit. Energy amplifier. Reduce fear, and stress

    -Labradorite- Stimulates imagination, helps develop enthusiasm and thus, new ideas and helps to see more clearly in meditation.

    Blue Goldstone Crystal Egg. Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. The finished product can take a smooth polish and be carved into beads, figurines, or other artifacts suitable for semiprecious stone, and in fact goldstone is often mistaken for or misrepresented as a natural material.

    Apatite enhances manifestation of ideas to reality and facilitates getting results, and has traditionally been associated with humanitarian efforts and teaching. As a Third-Eye Chakra Crystal, Apatite can initiate or increase the development of psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. Meditation with an Apatite Crystal on the Third-Eye Chakra can open this chakra up to more subtle vibrations. Apatite is especially helpful when diligent study is needed to uncover the truth.